Easy way Make you Online Shop With 20 Seconds

capture-20130117-202035 Internet technology getting days getting effloresce with its quick. A variety facility and easy was utilized almost by everyone, so pretend Internet have become a part society life that don’t most come to pieces. A variety information which is presented as news most now, sport, scholarship, rate, weather, email, amusement, and is still a lot of another have indulged Internet user society. So in the end, requirement to internet access wills be subject menu in daily.

At Internet Globalization era is subject the need, Internet developing is now begin to clear away at online sell area, even online sell is now a lot of mushroom all circle start from housewife, college student even now men make online sell is that of perquisite, even by dozens too is made as merauk’s farm gain that is so easy since product that we offers to get saw by everybody and wherever without drawn the line by room and time. in customer flank and customer candidate so beneficial with online sell because sell / transactions get up to been done 24 hours, whenever, wherever, and payment gets to be done by via ATM or paypal.

Therefore of that there is one service sites make online shop that named Jejualan.com, this jejualan.com’s sites constitutes one sites which provide Online Shop makings with the meaning Website’s makings you Online Shop. to become member at in jejualan.com this transcendent easy, we can make alone online shop at short notice just 20 second just are so easy, there are many design pulls eligible appropriate our appetite, and gets domain no charge .com, and. net is lifetime just 60.000 / moons.


To list as memberpun is so easy, needful data while we register only Name, Enamel, No.Hp, 2 package pull those are on the market package Gold (60. 000,-/moon) max 500 goods that is on the market or Platinum (200. 000,-/moon) unmilited is goods that is on the market, and the latest is your Shop Name correspond to desirable one. to is easily we get to see screenshotnya as hereunder:


If we become member at Jejualan.com this, we there are many get gain and feature that make easy we as member. Jejualan.com doesn’t complicate membernya but gives flexible amenity one maybe does not be gotten by other siteses as competitor. gain and that feature is:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Untitled

Have worded, so is easily and a lot of gain that got by foses as member jejualan.com this. besides we can make alone Online Shop our also get very clear amenity. besides prospective customer and our customer that visits at us Online Shop won’t disappointed because malakukan transksi at us Online Shop that.
why is still bethink again, have thousands person prove since really tremendous with jejualan.com all feels easy. making Online Shop not necessarily there are many enough time with 20 second just with severally clicks at webstore all we can have amenity and edge out run it because aided customer service up to 24 hours. if you doubt with this information you can contact costumer service via phone 0857 41 444 520 (call) and 0857 30 700 700 (sms)

Please just directly visit Jelajah.com, Sites Makes Online Shop With 20 seconds

address information :

jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan 33, umbulharjo, Yogyakarta 55161.

Phone (0274) 415585

Email : sales@jejualan.com


~ oleh 12puby pada 17 Januari 2013.

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